Entry #2: Good start

I decided to restart my weight loss journey last Saturday (see first entry). I must say, I did pretty okay. I was able to work-out that night! YAAY ME! I did a 40 minute dance workout using workout videos in Youtube. Thank god for fun videos and fun coaches. I like Keaira LaShae and The Fitness Marshall in particular. They’re so energetic, funny, sassy, and more importantly, motivating! Those dance videos make me feel like I’m not working out. I really dislike working-out in the gym or doing traditional work-out routines since I find them monotonous and boring.

To get back on track I did some meal prep yesterday. I steamed some broccoli and carrots and also stir-fried some mushroom with garlic, onion, bell pepper, and zucchini. Cooked enough for three days. I also bought whole wheat cereals and almond milk for an easy-breezy breakfast meal.

For today’s dinner I reheated some kimchi-jeon I cooked (SO GOOD!) and made some salsa. Although I did buy chips for the salsa and they are somewhat unhealthy, at least the salsa was homemade. Right? Haha. Well I’m having no regrets since the salsa was so freakin’ delicious. If you want the recipe for the salsa check out youtuber Quang Tran’s nacho video.

P.S. Last night we passed by this bread shop and we saw that the pastries was 50% off. I couldn’t resist the opportunity so I bought 2 things – brownie cheesecake thing and a doughnut. I tasted both and it was so delicious! Both were rich and decadent that I felt like I was sinning. To save face, I’m just eating the desserts bit by bit per day.

So far, so good! Hope I can keep this up.


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