Entry #5: Oh happy (fri)day! Cheat meals + pre/post exam feels

I’m so freakin’ happy! For someone who’s clumsy+unlucky as me, luck was on my side today. Let me list down the things that made me feelin’ like – YAAAAS!

  1. Yesterday, I was able to override my unreasonable eat-anything-you-want-since-you’re-studying-for-an-exam mindset. I was craving for fried chicken and spaghetti (and maybe some dessert, or two?). Luckily, the gods of dieting were keeping an eye on me and rerouted my fat ass towards a healthier choice. I did buy food outside, but I bought a small piece of grilled meat + stir-fried veggies + half cup of white rice instead.
  2. I was able to study REALLY SERIOUSLY. Of course I do study (if I didn’t I would be dead by now, I am in medical school), but last night’s study session was so productive. I was in the zone, man! I got my transes out, cross referenced it with my atlas, and even watched dissection videos to supplement all the information. I was on FIRE!
  3. I found the exam relatively easy! The studying paid off! Side note. The test was a move-type exam, 1 minute per question per station, 110 questions. When I was on the last pencil stroke in shading my answer for the last item, my pencil broke! HOW LUCKY WAS THAT! It was like my pencil was holding on just so I can finish my test. Such a hero. 
  4. And the biggest factor for my happiness – TODAY IS FRIDAY! Which means rest = relax day= cheat day = cheat meal!

On to today’s main topic – Cheat days. As much as I love veggies and I love losing weight and love the feeling of progress, I need my cheat days! I’d go crazy without them! That was one of the errors in my previous weight loss attempts. I would eat cleanly for 3 weeks straight, then I would just give-in to the cravings and go crazy! I would binge and eat so much for the next days only to realize that I’ve wandered too far and gained back all the pounds I lost.

Having a cheat day keeps my sanity. It keeps me happy! It keeps me looking forward to my weekends. I know dieting is about portion control and restrictions and all, but it’s also important to take a breather. Just like in life in general, sometimes you just need to reward yourself, have a little “me time”, and have fun!


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