Entry #9: Update + dancing the calories away in baggy pajamas

It has been 2 weeks since I started this journey. 2 weeks in, I feel a slight difference. I don’t look significantly smaller but I somehow feel that my school uniform got a little loose. By a little loose, I mean really a LITTLE – like i’m just imagining things or like I released a shit ton of well, shit (poop), so I was feeling lighter. Anyway, I was somewhat able to stick to the healthy meals but I did have cheat meals on the weekends. I wasn’t able to exercise as much I wanted to because I was tired and honestly, was not in the mood to do so.

Instead of exercising by going to the gym or by using those dance/ aerobic workout videos on YouTube, I did something else to burn the calories. I just … danced! I danced in my room in my comfy, baggy clothes. I danced like I was dancing in rave party. I blasted party music, disco music, hiphop music (even ballad music) and just had fun! No fancy dance moves, no choreographies, (and no dignity) and just danced my heart out! I twerked when I felt like the song needed some twerking, I hopped and jumped because I felt the rush of excitement, and I swayed my hips to the slow and fast beats of the song. I even lip -synced the songs and “performed” in front of a mirror like I was in some sort of cheesy, backstreet boy-like music video. By the end of all this madness, I would be just sweating like a pig on a hot summers day. My face would be all red, my hair all a mess from all the head banging/ whipping my hair back and forth, my clothes would be all sticky and sweaty.

The best part of this “exercise” is, I didn’t feel like I was exercising. I didn’t feel like it was chore. I was just laughing, de-stressing, and letting go of all my inhibitions. I felt free and unrestrained and just comfortable to be me.

I know this sounds a little crazy, well okay, a LOT of crazy, but I urge you to try it! Put on your comfy clothes, smack away the troubles aside, and immerse yourself to some funky music!


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