Entry 12: I’m on vacation! + Kickboxing my way to fitness

Sup guys! I’m am finally enjoying my vacation. Although it’s hot and I’m literally sweating even in my sleep, I’m looovin’ it!

Sometimes, it does feel kinda weird. I’ve been so used to squeezing all my time, effort, and worries on medical school then suddenly – POOF!I now have all the time in the world. It feels too good to be true! Sometimes I find myself looking for something to do/ something to be preoccupied with. Man, I never imagined that I’ll be the type of person having difficulties in relaxing and doing nothing.

Oh well, better put the 1 1/2 month vacation to good use!

Now, let’s talk about my damn fats.

Well, I kinda went of the road and ate all the calorie-laiden goodies. I also had a hard time to exercise consistently since I live in condominium and apparently my neighbors have the most sensitive ears in the world. Since I don’t like gyms (so boring and monotonous), I prefer to exercise in my condo unit. I do pilates, aerobic workouts, dance workouts, and kickboxing.  I don’t if I really breathe that hard or have heavy feet when I exercise but my neighbors really pick up on every freakin’ sound I make. Sometimes I even resort to earphones when I watch movies. I can’t even enjoy my “me” time comfortably . It’s so frustrating ARGHfnseusfunsekduksnf. Fortunately, I’m now in my hometown for vacation (in a house = more space!) and I’ve already started to get back in the working-out zone.

I’ve been re-igniting my love for kickboxing again. I love the free youtube video workouts of POPSUGAR Fitness. I especially recommend the cardio-boxing workouts by Christa DiPaolo.  She’s so amazing! She created such awesome sweat-dripping workouts that’s so fun and challenging. I really appreciate how she talks and motivates you throughout the workout. It makes me push myself harder get better results! She’s just so charismatic and such a professional in every way. Her workouts can burn from 300-700 calories in 30-60 mins depending on your body type and intensity. Ain’t that amazing! If you want to check her out here’s the link!

In addition to that, I’m now able to eat better since I have a bigger kitchen space and can therefore easily cook all the tasty, healthy dishes I want. My hometown being a not-so modern/ country side type of place also helps since fast food joints here are limited and don’t have those tempting, spawn-of-the-devil 24/7 delivery times (curse you, convenience!). I’m planning to post some scrumptious recipes in the near future so stay tuned for that!

Hope to shed some pounds this vacation! Let’s do thisss shit!


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