Yup you read that right. I’m planning to abstain from drinking any form of alcoholic beverages for one whole freakin’ year. I’ve had a fair share of alcohol in my life – er, well, maybe a little too much. I drank quite often during my college days. It was part rebellion, part typical-college-life. Stressed? Unwind by drinking a few beers! Birthdays? Drink all night with friends + karaoke after! Love problems? Drink to drown the sorrows away! At parties? Get your fill from the free-flowing drinks! Now that I’m in medical school, of course I’ve winded down. I only drink once a month, even less. But recently I’ve been drinking a lot more since a close friend of mine broke up with her girlfriend + it was my birthday month so CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!

The last time I drank wasn’t pretty. I was intoxicated. I’m usually one of the “strongest” drinkers, but they (and partly I) decided to make me drink more since I was the birthday celebrant. I was always the one who took care of the drunk people, always head of the “sober committee”. But that night my friends wanted me to be the drunk one for a change and also to give myself a chance to enjoy more.  My goodness, the things I did. I didn’t do anything R-18, but I was funny and did silly stuff. At the end of the drinking spree, my drunk self decided to leave my shoes in the room, walk barefooted, ride the elevator, and go back to my room. I just realized I was not wearing any shoes when I felt a cold sensation below my feet when we were riding the elevator. My friends found it hilarious but I didn’t care at that time and just wanted to go back to my room and get some shut-eye. Thankfully, I was able to wake up early for class the next morning  (I knoow, so stupiiiid and risky) without even setting any of my alarm clock. God really got my back on that one (Thanks!).

The day after I decided to change my ways. Like losing weight, I’ve declared to cut off alcohol a  couple of times but failed. There was always something to celebrate or some problem to drink about. But since I’m already on this weight loss journey, plus I’m training to become a doctor, why not live being the healthiest version I can be?

I started this challenge on May 25. It’s already June 12 and I’m doing fine. No cravings. No anything. Of course since I’m in the country side (and my parents don’t drink), things are still easy. But when I go back to medical school and struggle with all kinds of shit + personal shits + friendship’s shit, it’s gonna be tougher.  I am confident, though, that I can do this challenge. I was able to stay alcohol free for 16 years – one year would be just a walk in the park.



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