Entry 14: Learning to play the Ukulele!

Man oh man. What a productive vacation! All my life I wanted to play the guitar or the ukulele, then one day I was in my brother’s room and saw a small guitar case. Hm, that’s weird. I thought. What a small guitar. As I looked closer, I realized that it was my sister’s ukulele! I have been asking her about her ukulele for a long time but she says that she lost it and doesn’t know where it is. But ‘lo and behold! It was right in front of me! I was so excited to try it out. I took it out of the dusty case, and observed the once-forgotten instrument. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was almost as good as new! Sure the strings were out of tune, but that was no problem. I was able to tune the strings to the right note using some handy-dandy Youtube videos.  After all these years, I finally have my own ukulele!! Sis gave it to me since she doesn’t really like playing musical instruments (WHY I WONDER? Who cares, at least it benefits meee! :)) )

ukulele-e1497343625892.pngFast forward to today – four days later. I can now play 6 songs!  YAAAY MEE! My grandmother taught me how to play the organ/piano before, but I was so distracted by school, adolescence, and foolish problems that I wasn’t able to play the organ that religiously.

I don’t know why but the strings give me a different feeling. It’s more natural for me, I’m much more relaxed. Although my fingertips hurt from holding down the strings, the strumming comes easy. For me, ukulele is all about rhythm and soul. When I practiced the organ and try to learn new songs, I tend to get more frustrated. But when I learn new songs for the uke, I don’t easily give up. My interest keeps me going. I accept every failure make and seeing me slowly progress fascinates the heck out of me. I can literally see me growing and get better.

The best part is, now I can sing and play the backing instrumentals for the songs! You don’t know how long I dreamed about this daaay! I’M JUST SOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Entry 14: Learning to play the Ukulele!

  1. Good luck & have fun strumming – it’s a great instrument to play! If you like, do follow the link in my signature to my uke club’s website – we have lots of links to different free online resources for learning to play, songbooks etc).

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