Entry 15: Dyeing my hair OMBRE BLUE! <3

Let me tell you guys, I think this vacation is the best I ever had. I’ve kept up with my weightloss exercises, made some muscle gainz, learned to play the ukulele, cooked up some awesome dishes, and for my latest crazy antic, I’ve dyed my hair (ombre) blue.

Mental breakdown at its finest.



I’ve been dreaming of dyeing my hair for a looong time. I got exposed to the funky hair scene when I was in college. I’ve seen people with the usual brown/ burgundy hair to people rockin’ those neon pink, green, and red locks. I did dye my hair during my 2nd year college days, but that was just the usual slabbing-some-brownish/violetish-dye-that-would-be-slightly-visible-on-my-dark-asian-hair. I was able to pursue that since bleach was not needed and that would mean less hair destruction.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I sat in a salon chair for a whopping 6 HOURS to bleach my virgin super black hair. According to the hair stylist lady, my hair was so dark that I needed 3 rounds of bleaching. My thought when I heard that was, What have I gotten myself into. Two bleaches and a sore butt in, the people in the salon was observing my hair in awe. They told me that usually when hair is subjected to 2 (or more) bleaches, it starts to be brittle (like when pulling it slightly, it would snap off). But apparently, my hair was unusually superduper strong and it was still a-OK. Literally, it was like the bleach only removed the color but the hair quality was still similar to the remaining undyed black hair (I only dyed half the length of my hair since I don’t have the $$$). Good job hair! Thank you genetics!

Although I am incredible happy with the result of my hair, it also has its downsides:

1) When bleaching your hair, make sure to wear your least favorite shirt. I wore a black shirt thinking that it would cover up some unavoidable dye stains. Stupidly, I forgot that before the dyeing is the freakin’ bleaching. And now, I’ve just ruined one of my favorite black shirts :(( (The back of my shirt was bleached!)

2.) THE MAJOR MAJOR DOWNSIDE – I CAN’T WASH MY HAIR EVERY DAY! I know, I know, they say that you shouldn’t shampoo your hair every day. But when you live in a tropical country full off sunshine, humidity, and a generous dash of smoke and pollution, trust me, you would also WANT AND NEED to shampoo your hair. Right now, I am managing to just wash it every other day. To reduce some ickyness, I tend to style my hair up.

3.) There will be dryness. Although I told you guys that my hair was as strong as the Hulk himself, I did notice an increase in the dryness. I don’t usually use conditioner on my hair since I’m lazy like that and my hair is obedient and very well trained. However, for the sake of maintaining my blue, luscious, crowning glory, I have to go the extra mile and give it a hair spa/mask once a week.

I’m still glad I did this. What’s a little dryness and reduced washing when you can have the hair that you’ve always wanted?

It’s official, DREAM ACHIEVED! ๐Ÿ™‚


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